Jonathan Sa’adah (b. 1950) is an American living in Montreal. Photography attracted him at an early age, the first object of his desire being a Brownie box camera owned by his parents. Forbidden to use it, it wasn’t until he was a fourth-grader that he found an outlet for his future career. Fascinated by the colorful, chemically degrading test strips from a darkroom he made a trade with a more business-minded eighth-grader, giving over valuable pieces of mahogany for the worthless photo-trash. Luckily, as he progressed in age, his judgment improved and by seventh grade he had his own camera (a Polaroid 95b) and was experimenting with time exposures and making portraits of family and friends.

Since then he has lived in southern Connecticut, central Vermont, and the last ten years in Montreal. He has consistently photographed his social and physical environment, and places he has traveled to, with an awareness of people, history, and context. He married the artist and writer Elizabeth Adams in 1981 and together they formed a partnership in communications and publishing that still continues.

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How Many Roads? is a book of photographs by Jonathan Sa'adah, available for order, offering an unglossy but deeply human view of the period from 1968 to 1975 in richly detailed, observant images that have poignant resonance with the present. Ninety-one sepia photographs reproduced with an introduction by Teju Cole, essays by Beth Adams, Hoyt Alverson, and Steven Tozer, and a preface by the photographer.
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